Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary products are 100 percent employee-paid coverages, so the cost to the employer is only a minimal internal administrative expense. Employees pay for the chosen coverage(s) through payroll deductions. Voluntary LTD, STD, Life, Vision and Dental plans are available.

The plans we represent are supported by a complete package of marketing, enrollment, and administrative support. Personalized enrollment forms, videos, employee brochures, and payroll stuffers are regularly provided. Our flexible billing system can support the payroll deduction cycle of most employers.

Voluntary Benefits are here to stay!

For the foreseeable future, employers are shifting benefit costs to employees at the same time they are looking for new benefits to offer more choices, improve employee satisfaction…and to fulfill their promises.

  • Benefit costs total approximately 27% of salary
  • Two-thirds of employees prefer to buy insurance at work
  • 56% of employers now offer at least one voluntary benefit
  • 36% of employers will consider adding voluntary benefits during the next two years

By talking with an insurance professional at work about plans you endorse, employees can begin to plan for their futures. They also appreciate:

  • Having their premiums deducted from their paychecks[1]
  • Having products that are guaranteed issue or require only simple underwriting[2]
  • Having the opportunity to purchase products at competitive rates[3]
  • Knowing that they can keep several coverages beyond their current employment
  • You for bringing this worksite benefits program to them

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